Garage Door Materials

If you're thinking about a new garage door, the material you choose will significantly impact its durability, maintenance needs, and overall aesthetic appeal. Popular materials for garage doors include steel, wood, aluminum and vinyl.

Steel Garage Doors

A common choice among homeowners is steel. This sturdy material offers high security and longevity at an affordable price point. It's resistant to warping or cracking but may dent if hit hard enough.Moreover, steel can be easily painted to match your home's exterior design scheme and it comes in different thicknesses - the thicker ones being more durable but also heavier. If insulation is important to you, look for steel doors with foam insulation.

Wooden Garage Doors

No other material can beat wood when it comes to natural beauty and charm. Wooden garage doors offer timeless elegance that enhances curb appeal dramatically.This luxury does come with increased maintenance requirements though – wooden doors need regular staining or painting to keep them looking their best and prevent weather damage. And while they might not be as resilient as steel against physical impacts, solid wood construction offers excellent insulative properties.

Fiberglass Garage Doors

Fiberglass is another fantastic option because of its lightweight nature which makes these types of garage doors easier on operating mechanisms than their heavier counterparts. Fiberglass garage doors are particularly suited to coastal regions, since they can withstand the effects of salt air.Yet, they may not be as enduring in colder regions and can become fragile with time. Also, their insulation properties aren't quite as good compared to other materials. Learn more about the pros and cons of fiberglass garage doors.


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